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Marriage License Process

Tie the Knot Puerto Rico wants to offer a clear and smooth process which leads you to celebrate your BIG day.


As part of our commitment, we want you to understand the process with the information updated as of 2023.

Civil Code change since 2020

It is important for you to know that since 2020 with the implementation of the new Civil Code of Puerto Rico, the process to get married in Puerto Rico has changed. Now, the marriage license process required to get legally married in Puerto Rico is uniform and it applies to residents and non-residents of Puerto Rico. That being said, everybody that wants to get married in Puerto Rico has to follow the same requirements as a local does. As part of Tie the Knot Puerto Rico services, we will assist you along the process.

How to get married in Puerto Rico?

1. Couple’s original birth certificates

2. Couple’s drivers’ licenses

3. Divorce decrees (if you have been previously married) or Death certificate in cause of widowhood

4. If there is a legal name change, provide the evidence

5. If you have any children, regardless of their age you must provide a copy of their birth certificate

Paperwork Requirements

These four tests are part of the requirements to obtain the marriage license:

1. HIV

2. Gonorrhea

3. Chlamydia

4. Syphilis

Lab-work Requirements

The medical certificate must be done by a physician in Puerto Rico.

Medical Certificate

Visit the Demographic Registry Office to obtain the marriage license permit on time for your wedding date. Also, this step can be done online with the assistance of our destination wedding expert.

Demographic Registry Office

Tie the Knot Puerto Rico provides this service completely as part of our services offered in our elopement packages. You and your significant other can be stress-free all way during the process. Just as simple as that! Come and elope with us! 


Two witnesses are needed. They must be 21 years or older and must know how to read and write.

During the Ceremony
Bride and Groom

Just married? Get your Marriage Certificate

Follow this link to order your marriage certificate and get it delivered to your home through postal service:

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